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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. it is a doozy, a good word to describe it, huh? >> yea big. >> the biggest soaker of the month moving in this morning. we'll tell you where the heaviest rain will fall. >> the flooding causing a mess for the morning commute. we'll tell you which roads to steer clear of. good morning, it is thursday, the 24th of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody.
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i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 straight up. and have you had enough yet? 12 straight days of rain and the nastiest storm as you just saw on that doppler yet to come. we have team coverage this morning. elizabeth wenger is in san leandro where flooding is already causing a backup. anne makovec is at the bay bridge. but they better get ready to put on their rain hats because lawrence it here now to tell us where the -- lawrence is here now to tell us where the rain is coming. you told us about it yesterday and now it's here. look at that. good morning. >> yeah. this is a wall of green as the cold front is just about to move onshore. already seeming to move onshore in the north bay but all this moisture will stretch onshore. winds will pick up out ahead of the system. and once it moves on, that rain is going to get going and it is going to get very heavy at times especially throughout the morning commute. now, urban and small stream flood advisories going up today as we are expecting rapid rises along some of the creeks and the local rivers. it looks like most of the major rivers will stay within their banks but we better watch out
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for the streaks and creams, they streams and creeks. wind gusting to 40 miles per hour. with the ground already saturated, we are expecting downed power lines and even trees. so be prepared for power out action. impressive looking system wrapping around toward the coast. it's bearing down on the bay area. we are going to catch the brunt of the system moving onshore. heavy rain this morning. toward the afternoon, becoming more showery and when we see the showers, we're talking about the possibility of some thunderstorms, temperatures into the 50s. there is a glimmer of hope but it's in the long-range forecast. we are going to see more showers for tomorrow, more rain on saturday and possibly showers into sunday. but after that, maybe some dry weather, maybe even some 70s as we look toward the middle of next week. all right. let's go to elizabeth, she is out there waiting for the rain right now. >> reporter: you know, that's the good news, lawrence. at least it's still dry so far where i am. we are along the nimitz freeway southbound 880 just past the
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davis street exit, where caltrans crews right now are still working to fix a clogged drain and it could cause big problems for the morning commute with. sergeant john martino with the chp is with me. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> reporter: so what's going on? >> right now, caltrans has a number one which is the fast lane closed for the duration. it's unknown right now. they are trying town plug a major drain that has been plugged with debris, rocks, maybe asphalt. so when we first got called out here, we did some traffic controls. then we were able to unplug two drains but one is still plugged. we called caltrans down, who came out with a crew. they are going to try to snake the drain to open it. we have the storm coming here, the commute will pick up in the next hour or so. so right now traffic is still flowing smooth, but we are trying to get this cleared
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before the heavy traffic starts at least before the storm comes. right now probably looking at least an hour or two before they open the road depending what they find in the drain. >> reporter: you said earlier there were several spinouts with all this flooded road? >> yes. probably six inches deep and probably 30, 40 feet wide into the one and two lanes. we had calls of spinouts. fortunately there were no accidents. when we got here, all the traffic was -- all the vehicles were gone but we did find the road flooded. that's when we decided to bring in traffic break to slow traffic down and then we just blocked the number one and two lanes so we could get chp to put cones and signs. >> reporter: sergeant, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome, thank you. >> reporter: live this morning, try to stay drive. >> i will. >> reporter: this is one of many problems we are likely going to see for this morning commute. if you do see a flooded patch of water like this, avoid it. you don't want to be one of those people who spin out or get your car stuck. let's go out to anne makovec,
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she is actually at the bay bridge toll plaza where i was yesterday. anne, are you seeing any big splashes yet where you are. >> reporter: no, i think the main concern here on the bridges is going to be the wind this morning. there is a wind advisory just came into effect and it's going to be in effect until 2 p.m. i have my little paper flag here to try to show it. it's really picked up since we got here a half hour ago. and pooling is going to be an issue. you can see they have the flooding sign ready to go here near the toll plaza. but you can see the level of water on the highway now on 80 westbound not too bad. the real problem again is going to be the wind especially as lawrence mentioned the ground is so saturated. we spoke with some geologists who said it was about 95% saturated when it comes to bay area soil. so that's when you see the trees and power lines come down. so we are expecting some power outages this morning.
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so my best piece of advice is charge up your cell phone while you can and especially when you're driving this morning. two hands on the wheel, it's that kind of a morning. we are going to be out here until 7 a.m., tracking the wind as it picks up, expecting gusts up to 40 miles an hour. so we'll be braving it. gianna has an eye on traffic and the drama that could ensue. >> it's been busy so far. speaking of the wind, i want to show you a live picture here. this is the bay bridge upper deck and look at that camera just shaking around. so you saw from anne's shot this shot, it's very windy. two hands on the wheel across the span on that upper deck. lower deck as well but again not recommended for high- profile vehicles at times so use caution this morning. all right. elsewhere we have a couple of things brewing. eastbound highway 4 pacheco boulevard a wreck on the ramp possibly blocking lanes.
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not affecting the main lines. freeway. so that's the good news. northbound 17, ramp to 280, this accident in the clearing stage is a vehicle stadium stuck in the murder on the left shoulder. so with all this rain, we are hearing a lot of that vehicle stuck in mud in some parts of the bay area so be careful. south bay not too bad. let look at the san mateo bridge right now. looks like we're seeing a little bit of a shaky camera there as well but so far traffic moving nicely between 880 and 101. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic, back to you. >> thank you. all this rain causing more problems in the santa cruz mountains where there's been a second mud slide there. this one happened in felton. conference drive will be closed at least another day. meantime the stormy weather is holding up he was to clear that big landslide in scotts valley. geologists are trying to survey
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the fallen hillside to assess its stability. but the ground is still too wet and a lot more water is coming in. the hillside came down monday, you may remember, all but cutting off 33 homes there. deputies say if the weather clears, they may be able to do an aerial survey. and for complete storm coverage and interactive hi-def doppler for your neighborhood, go to and click on the weather tab. today state regulators will consider fining pg&e millions of dollars for failing to provide safety documents in a timely fashion. it's just the latest fallout from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the public utilities commission will consider charging the san francisco-based utility a million dollars a day. it was back on january 3 that they ordered pg&e to provide records to prove that its gas lines have been set at safe levels of pressure. we are just learning that french air strikes have hit a
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libyan air base in the country's interior on day 6 of the military operation in libya. this is footage of an air strike this morning in the city of tajura. the city is home to a libyan military base about 20 miles east of the capital of triply. the coalition says it's part of an attempt to protect government opponents and other civilians with forces loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi secret recordings come out in the barry bonds trial. >> it doesn't stand alone and it's not an independent smoking gun. >> but are they enough to prove the slugger lied about steroid use? how bonds' attorneys plan to strike back today. plus, it looks like the kind of weather would you see in the midwest, right? where a tornado caused some serious damage in northern california. ,,,,,, "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a lot of rain coming our way. how much rain will we see? we'll talk about that coming up. >> it's devouring the bay area there, lawrence, my goodness. it is 5:12. good morning, everybody. it is day 4 of the barry bonds perjury trial. today the jury will hear more today from bonds a long-time friend, that's steve hoskins. he testified yesterday that in 2003 he secretly recorded a conversation with bonds' personal trainer, greg anderson, about bonds injecting drugs. now, the recording is hard to understand. have a listen. hoskins says he made the tape to show bobby bonds that his son
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barry was using steroids. former prosecutor paul henderson sa >> hoskins said he made the tape to show bobby bonds that his son barry was using steroids. the former prosecutor says the tape does not necessarily means bond is guilty. >> it doesn't stand alone and it's not an independent smoking gun to indicate guilt or innocence in this case. >> bonds is on trial not for using steroids. he is accused of lying to a federal grand jury about them. 5:13. another high-profile case in the news. the star witness could be taking the stand today in the oakland murder trial connected to "your black muslim bakery." devaughndre broussard is expected to testify that he killed journalist chauncey bailey and two other men in 2007 on the orders of yusef bey iv and that co-defendant antoine mackey drove the getaway car. broussard is expected to be on the stand for several days. a south bay football coach
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suspected of sexually assaulting a member of his team. san jose police arresting michael haggan last week. the 28-year-old coaches for the oak grove youth football league accused of sexually assaulting a 14 or 15-year-old. hagan is currently being held on $300,000 bail. 5:14. they touched off protests all over the bay area. now a new twist in the smartmeter showdown. why customers could soon have the power to say "no." >> plus, there are pilot's eyes when it comes to a safe landing but did an air traffic controller fall asleep on the job? the blind landing now sparking an investigation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, know the stain. after an alpaca? i have. it was awesome. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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a tornado. the national weather service says the small a northern california town is cleaning up from damage caused by a tornado. the national weather service says the small twister hit the rural town of williams, that's in colusa county about 70 miles north of sacramento yesterday afternoon. it packed winds up to 85 miles per hour. as you can see, it ripped roof tiles from several homes. nobody was hurt. yup, we have more wet weather coming to california. you can even see a few more of
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those tornadoes in the central valley. we get them here. ours are usually small. but you can see that green wall of wet making its way onshore. already seeing the rain falling in the north bay and the peninsula. we are just watching the cold front moving onshore. we are going to get things going throughout the day today and so urban and small stream flood advisories are up around the bay area as we expect some heavy amounts of rainfall through this morning. winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. likely to bring down power lines and trees. cloudy conditions this morning. rainy, windy, one of those wild days. it looks like the brunt comes through this morning. then by the afternoon, turning more towards showers. and here it is. the strongest storm to come this week and it's pouring into the bay area right now. of course, not much break between this and the last storm and that's why we're worried about the possibility of flooding. so this nice wall moves in this morning. you can see the brunt of this comes through about the middle of the morning being heavy at times. but then as we head in toward
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the afternoon breaks off into showers around the bay area with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms so it is going to be a wild day ahead around the bay area weather- wise. temperatures mainly in the 50s. i think this is the worst of it although we are going to see some continuing showers into friday. another storm drops in come saturday but doesn't look as strong maybe a few lingering showers into sunday after that. high pressure starts to build in and then we'll finally dry out and warm up next week. let's get a check of traffic with gianna. >> we are going to start off with the upper deck of the bay bridge. rain and wind. you can see this camera really shaking around here. so far traffic light but again give yourself some extra time. use caution through there. looks like the toll plaza not doing too badly at the bay bridge. metering lights are still off. 18 minutes on the eastshore freeway approach. we have a couple of trouble spots south 880 between davis and marina. the left lane blocked for flooding. also we have a wreck east 80 ramp to highway 4 blocked for
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an accident. also they are working on a wreck westbound highway 4 at pacheco cleared off the off- ramp. northbound 17 to northbound 280, everything over to the left shoulder. live look at 101 through the south bay at mckee, so far not too bad but a little reflection there on the headlights from the road so we might start seeing some rain this morning. give yourself some extra time. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. it's 5:20. now time a check of our top stories on this thursday. some more fallout from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. today the state public utilities commission will consider fining pg&e $1 million a day for not providing safety documents in a timely fashion. it was back in january the cpuc ordered pg&e to provide records to prove its pipeline pressure
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is safe. the city of tajura is being bombed in libya. french air strikes have reportedly hit a libyan air base in the country's interior, as well. two plant workers have been hurt at a crippled power plant in japan. this morning authorities say they tested at radiation levels well below the maximum allowed for workers. the samtrans board of directors has a meeting today to discuss the agency's financial crisis. they are looking for ways to further reduce costs. directors will also discuss the future of samtrans partnership with vta and san francisco's muni to help fund caltrain. the meeting is set to begin about 1:00 at samtrans' headquarters in san carlos. and the public utilities commission will also have a public hearing today about the
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smartmeters. the high-tech devices are meant to measure pg&e customers' power use. but critics are concerned about potential health effects from the meters as well as the device's accuracy. regulators may consider letting customers opt out of having the new meters installed. here's a scary story. pilots forced to land blind. is a sleeping air traffic controller to blame? plus, could bad weather derail britney spears's bay area concert? the change of plans leaving some fans feeling snubbed. wh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we have our eye on san leandro where caltrans shut down the left lane on south 880 due to flooding and windy on the bay bridge. all that coming up in minutes. >> thank you. the control tower no help in reagan national airport. the controller was reportedly asleep. planes had to approach another tower 40 miles away. there was no response from the phone or radio from the tower. >> just so you're aware, just had one aircraft going to dca. the tower is apparently
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unmanned. we called on the phone, nobody's answering so the aircraft went in to an uncontrolled airport. >> transportation secretary ray lahood says the tower at reagan national will now center two controllers on duty at night and there will be a national review of air traffic control staffing because of the incident. 5:26 your time. gay marriage won't resume in california at least for now. a federal appeals court has refused to request to allow gay marriage while it considers the constitutionality of proposition 8. the process could take at least another year. well, apparently a change of plans for britney spears. >> this weekend's free concert will not be taking place in the castro district as originally planned. it's being moved to the bill graham civic auditorium. the reason, it's lawrence's fault! no. >> you can blame everyone about him. >> blame the bad weather and the free show is being taped for "good morning america" to coincide with the release of her new album. the concert is sunday, 12 noon,
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seating first come, first served. some people not happy because of course you can't fit as many people in the auditorium as on the street. >> a lot of folks in the castro, the businesses and such were looking forward to it. but britney doesn't do rain and i don't blame her. wait until she see this is big wall of green that lawrence is throwing on us now. it's crazy out there. it's 5:27. the disaster in japan stalling car production. >> and now the warning that toyota plant in north america may have to shut down coming up. we have been hearing the forecasters warning about wild and windy conditions. we are live on the bay bridge to tell you what's happening here on the ground coming up next. and a clogged drain causing problems now along the nimitz freeway. southbound 880 in san leandro, we'll have all the details and how it's impacting your morning drive coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm sydnie kohara. time is 5-- yet another round of rain... but th good morning, it's thursday, march 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thank you so much for joining us. your time is 5:30. you might want to get an early start to your commute because another big round of rain, but this storm is much bigger than we have been seeing. bigger in the next 90 minutes. >> elizabeth wenger is covering flooding on the nimitz in san leandro. anne makovec live at the bay
5:31 am
bridge. strong winds there. but we are going to start off with the man of the hour and the big green wall. lawrence karnow lots of rain. >> hey, guys. this is impressive. check this out. this is a really well-defined cold front. look at that wall of green stretching down now to much of the peninsula. but the north bay is getting hit first with this one, which is pretty typical. they are picking up moderate amounts of rainfall from santa rosa near petaluma through inverness. and this is just getting going. it's going to come racing into the bay area throughout the morning commute. it's going to be very wet, very treacherous on the roads. this comes on the heels of that storm system we went through yesterday so now we are looking at urban and small stream flood advisory in the bay area watching for creeks and local streams to have some rapid rise this is morning with the possibility of some flooding, definitely some ponding out on the roads. and watch out, we are going to see strong gusty winds along the coastline. the coastal hills you are going to see some winds to 45 miles per hour. pretty impressive storm system
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off the coastline and it's only going to intensify over the next few hours. we'll let you know what we have coming up in the extended forecast in a few minutes. right now, elizabeth wenger is at san leandro and elizabeth, you're high and dry. i hope you brought your umbrella. >> reporter: i brought my rain jacket, boots and umbrella. this wet weather is expecting to come down later in the morning commute. right now, we are already dealing with a traffic alert. we are along southbound 880 in san leandro. actually just past the davis street exit, where there was some earlier flooding because of a clogged drain. and caltrans crews are out here trying to fix it. just within the last five minutes or so, they have actually cleared the scene. so we're not sure if they may be able to get one lane re- opened here sooner than expected. right now, the far left lane is still shut down but earlier dangerous conditions. up to 6" of water was in the road. chp told us several spinouts, no injuries.
5:33 am
again, they had told us it was going to take a couple of hours to completely clear that drain and get all lanes re-opened but for right now they do still have one lane shut down blocked off with cones. let's hear from a chp officer who we talked to just a few moments ago. >> yeah, we first had reports of flooding. then we had a couple spinouts. so when we got on scene, the number one and two lanes were flooded. the call came at 1:42, when the units came through here. at 2:00 we we got on scene, we saw the number one was flooding and we closed that lane down. >> reporter: all right. and so again, right now traffic is actually moving across okay. if you kind of see behind me, you can see where they blocked off that one lane. they have cones. but again, caltrans trucks were out here just about five minutes ago and they have now gone so maybe they can actually get that lane re-opened ahead of schedule. in the meantime, i'm feeling this is going to be one of many traffic alerts across the bay area. anne makovec is live at the bay bridge toll plaza where i guess
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winds are an issue this morning. >> reporter: winds are certainly picking up here. they are expected to be between 25 and 35 miles per hour with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. and when you're crossing these bridges as we all know, it can be difficult to control the vehicle especially with the high-profile vehicles. so be aware, you might want to take a little extra time. now, i am standing next to a sign here that says flooded. luckily that's not the case. you can see here on the lanes 80 westbound, pretty clear, a little pool there. but that's expected to grow throughout the morning. but the winds are really what we're watching on the bridge. and really all around the area because when you think about the ground, it is so saturated from the rains that we have seen over the past 11 days, that is when the trees topple and the power lines come down with it. so be prepared for some outages today. of course, we're going to have our eye on it for you and you can always check the current conditions on i know gianna has the latest on
5:35 am
our traffic conditions this morning. how's it going? >> reporter: hey, anne, thank you. it's getting pretty busy out there. we have some accidents in effect right now. chp on the scene of this wreck eastbound 80, that ramp to eastbound highway 4. we have an accident possibly blocking the slow lane. we are seeing some green here on our freeways so traffic actually still moving okay. it is early-morning. the morning commute really gets under way within the next half hour so, so far, so good. keep your eye on this wreck. i just checked in with chp on this one as well northbound 17 ramp to north 280 cleared off the freeway. so things are moving well through that area. we are seek a little yellow on the southbound side of 17 so sets up there. the rest -- so heads up there. the rest of the south bay not too many problems. guadalupe parkway clear, 101 no delays, 280 problem-free. if you are heading to the snow, sierra travel, they have seen a lot of troubles there this morning. here's a live look at conditions at truckee. we have big rigs and cars pulled over to the side chaining up. you will need chains for 80, 50
5:36 am
and 88. so take it slow this morning. back to you, frank and sydnie. >> good advice, gianna. thank you very much. all this rain, this big mess out there and still more problems down in the santa cruz mountains where there's been a second mud slide there. >> this one in felton. conference drive will be closed at least another day. meantime the stormy weather holding up efforts to clear the big scotts valley landslide. geologists trying to survey to assess the stability but the ground is still too wet. the hill came down monday cutting off 33 homes. neighbors though have improvised and are now using a muddy path to get around the mess. >> we're dealing. we are getting routes in and out. i have now managed through this road, we have a car on each side now. >> deputies say if the weather clears, they may be able to conduct an aerial survey soon. the clean-up begins today near sacramento. that's where a tornado was
5:37 am
reported. it damaged several homes yesterday ripping off dozens of roof tiles. police aren't sure about the cost of damage but no one was hurt. and for complete storm coverage and interactive high- def doppler radar for your neighborhood you can log on to our website, just click on the weather tab. think we're all ready for sunshine soon we hope. 5:37 your time. and at the barry bonds perjury trial, his former personal assistant will be back on the stand today. he testified yesterday back in 2003 he secretly recorded a conversation with bonds' personal trainer greg anderson about bonds injecting drugs. the recording is hard to understand. hoskins says he made the tape to show bobby bonds that his son barry was using steroids. >> hoskins says he made the
5:38 am
tape to show bobby bonds that his son barry was using steroids. south bay football coach is suspected of sexually assaulting a member of his team. san jose police arrested michael hagan last week, the 28- year-old coast. coaches a youth football league. he is being held on $300,000 bail. and state regulators today will consider issuing millions of dollars in fines to pg&e for failing to provide safety documents in a timely fashion. it is the latest fallout from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the public utilities commission will consider charging the san francisco-based utility a million dollars per day. it was back on january 3rd that the cpuc ordered pg&e to provide records to prove that its gas lines have been set at safe levels of pressure. toyota has issued a warning now for all its workers.
5:39 am
the company said to brace for plant shutdowns across the united states. inventories are running out of japanese-made parts, that due to the earthquake and tsunami. gm is the only other company to announce shutdowns as well. at least two workers have been hurt while trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. their feet touched radioactive elements at the crippled power plant. they are now hospitalized with burns. those workers helping to restore cooling systems to overheated reactors. the japanese government asking people into the to hoard supplies like bottled -- not to hoard supplies like bottled water. people raced to stores after the tap water in tokyo was found to have eye levels of radiation in the water. the levels have since gone down according to officials. in libya new air strikes from the u.s.-european coalition. this is in the city of tajura, home to a libyan military base just east of tripoli. it is day 6 of the coalition's
5:40 am
attempt to protect government opponents and other civilians from forces loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. in addition, french air strikes have hit an unnamed libyan air base today. france's foreign minister says he expects air strikes on libya to last days or even weeks. 5:40. groupon may have met its match. the new coupon service that facebook is testing here in the bay area. >> i thought maybe it was appendicitis because the cramps were so severe. i don't think i have ever been as sick. >> this wasn't your average recall. the extra mile one store went to notify customers about bad canteloupes. ,,,,,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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we are learning more about the dramatic rescue in fort worth, texas, this morning. the water tanker truck hanging off the freeway edge. rescue teams got the drive of the truck out safely as well as the two other people pinned in a car under there. they just got them out. the extent of their injuries still unknown. the cause of the crash is under investigation. all right. we have to be careful on the roads, too, especially with the storm moving in. storms in the area including santa rosa with moderate amounts of rainfall all the way in a san rafael. now it's shopping up toward the central bay. scattered showers with light activity but it's going to pick up. not only that the rain, we have the winds picking up as well so be very, very careful. rain heavy during the morning. urban and small stream flood
5:44 am
advisory going up. the ground is totally saturated. could see rapid rises in the creeks and streams. the main rivers will stay within their content, but in the meantime the winds are going to be gusting to 45 miles per hour especially at the coastline, expect some downed power lines and some trees. could be a mess this morning. if you are heading out the door, we have cloudy conditions. that rain is picking up. the winds are beginning to kick up, too. seeing gusts to 25-plus miles per hour. as we look toward the afternoon, i think the brunt of this comes through in the morning. by the afternoon hours, we turn to more showers with a possibility of some thunderstorms. and then the weather can get really interesting across the state. of course, yesterday we had that tornado. could see something today in the central valley like that again. pretty strong storm. this one is stronger than yesterday, diving into the bay area, very strom jet stream on the back side helping to amplify the moisture. so we're going to see some heavy rainfall throughout the morning. let's time it out. you can see this thing passing through about 8:00, 9:00, even into 10:00. we're watching the heaviest rainfall moving on by toward
5:45 am
the afternoon. it breaks off into showers this afternoon, but the damage will already be done. we'll see heavy rainfall coming down on the saturated ground. temperatures in the 50s for highs today. we have to wait until sunday for sunshine. more showers tomorrow, another storm on saturday. by sunday chance of leftover showers but come monday, tuesday, wednesday, we have some 70s there toward the middle of next week. all right. let's check traffic with gianna. >> i'm going to start in the marin county area. you saw on lawrence's hi-def doppler, we are seeing wet weather. let's get you a live look at the area near mill valley. so far, still early, traffic moving well. speeds not too bad, 50s and 60s on the southbound side of 101 come away from 580. golden gate bridge, everything clear across the span towards the toll plaza into san francisco. elsewhere though, we have some flooding reported south 880 between davis and marina. it's actually a traffic alert. we have elizabeth wenger live at the scene giving us updates.
5:46 am
the left lane is still blocked. they are not sure when this will re-open but again, okay as far as traffic in the area still moving along nicely because the commute is early. live look at the bay bridge, the upper deck seeing the camera shake around. we have lots of windy conditions near the bay bridge. give yourself some extra time. two hands on the wheel across the span. not doing too badly into san francisco. no delays to report as you work your way out of san francisco into oakland. towards the toll plaza, traffic okay. no metering lights. coming off the eastshore freeway, still just about 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. bart, ace, muni, caltrain all good choices today. everything systemwide is running right on time. chp still working on an accident, though, east 80. that ramp to eastbound 4, the right lane still blocked. you have lots of activity there on scene. and check the south bay, here's live look at areas in milpitas, 237 connector to 880, no problems here, traffic moving along. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm.
5:47 am
that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:47. let's check today's top stories. gay marriage will not be resuming in california at least for now. a federal appeals court has refused a request to allow gay marriages while it considers the constitutionality of proposition 8. the process could take at least another year. the key witness for the prosecution expected to take the stand today in the chauncey bailey murder trial in oakland. devaughndre broussard has admitted killing the journalist and two other men in 2007. he is expected to testify that yusef bey iv, the leader of "your black muslim bakery," ordered the killings. and this morning, federal officials are looking into a strange incident at reagan national airport just outside the nation's capital. two passenger jets had to land on their own. an aviation official says the only controller on the job had fallen asleep. now they plan to have two
5:48 am
controllers there at night. tower staffing nationwide will be reviewed. federal health investigators are looking into a salmonella outbreak that's being traced to canteloupes supplied by san francisco-based del monte. the centers for disease control says a dozen people have been infected with salmonella panama in california. three other states, as well. costco used its membership database to track down its customers who bought the recalled melons and then they called those customers with this recorded message: >> the fda and del monte fresh produce today announced a limited recall of fresh canteloupes due to possible salmonella contamination. >> canteloupes being recalled were grown in guatemala and were available for sale between march 10 and this past monday. costco says it has restocked its stores with canteloupes from a different supplier. does being attractive play a role in decide hog should pick up the -- in deciding who should pick up the tab at
5:49 am
dinner? researchers say yes. they say good-looking women are most likely to sit back and allow their male date to pay the tab. they hope it indicates he is interested in going on a second date. if you want a second date, guys, you should probably pick up the tab. [ laughter ] >> i got news for ya. >> if you are always someone who does pick up the tab, here's a new way to save. facebook will be testing out a enough service here in the bay area. it's called facebook deals. similar to groupon, shoppers can get a special deal if they get on the social networking website. it's being tested in five cities including here in san francisco. and even google will launch a similar service in the coming months. getting into everything. >> what a great idea for facebook in the sense that they already have such huge, huge base of people. >> 600 million people on it now? >> yeah. >> so why not. >> very simple. time now 5:49. why more women are going gray in their 20s and the possible cure, coming up. >> you know, i'm not a huge fan
5:50 am
of britney. it would have been nice to see her. >> britney spears performing in san francisco this weekend. the major change, though, that has some of her fans disappointed. ,,,, appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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award-winning actress died yesterday, after spending weeks people around the world are paying tribute to fill legend elizabeth taylor. she died yesterday after spending weeks in a los angeles hospital with congestive heart failure. many of those tributes to the film legend are coming from san francisco, a central location in the battle against aids. she was one of the first high- profile people to use her celebrity to fight the disease. she formed a charity after former co-star rock hudson died of aids back in 1985.
5:53 am
>> suddenly, it hit home that this was something that was not going to stop and so she wanted to put her, so to say, star power to finding a solution. >> the antigay westboro baptist church of kansas tweeted that it plans to picket taylor's funeral. no official word yet on the services. elizabeth taylor was 79 years old. this weekend's free britney spears concert will not be happening in san francisco's castro neighborhood as originally planned. they had to move it to the bill graham civic auditorium. the free show being taped for "good morning america" to coincide with the release of britney spears's new album. the producers didn't want to take a chance with the forecast of more rain so they moved the concert indoors, at 12 noon at the bill graham auditorium on sunday. it's first come, first served. not as many people will see it. >> it's happening. >> it's happening. still happening. get in line. well, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. seems more women are going gray
5:54 am
at a younger age. thanks to the guys in their lives. i'm just kidding. kidding. the daily mail reports that 32% of british women under 30 have gray hair, up 14% from 20 years ago. the women blame it on stress. some doctors say to take more vitamin b. >> i'm going to hear about that. >> i'm sure your husband is asleep. if he is not he is an early bird. 5:54. no stress from lawrence. he is tracking the storm for us. >> this was a serious one. of course, we had rain yesterday. now we have this one hot on its heels. heavy rainfall in parts of the bay area. the hi-def doppler showing green all the way to the south. still time before it makes its way into the east bay. but we have heavier rain around san rafael, novato, into mill valley and more of that continuing to rotate onshore. going to see couple of inches maybe three inches of rain in
5:55 am
some of the wettest spots around the bay area and it looks like it is going to be intensifying throughout the morning. not only that we have urban small stream flood advisories up in the bay area. we have this wind advisory going up expecting gusts to 45 miles per hour. rain turning to showers by this afternoon with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. showers likely to continue into friday and another storm drops in for saturday. more showers on sunday. after that, finally after that, we may catch a break and temperatures warm up toward the middle of next week. let's check traffic with gianna. >> finally, lawrence. can't wait. let's start off with live look at the san mateo bridge right now. if you are headed between hayward and foster city traffic light. that's the good news. but we are dealing with windy conditions so two hands on the wheel, use caution across the span. let's head to the bay bridge at the toll plaza. traffic not too bad. we are still seeing decent conditions there. 18 minutes off the eastshore freeway approach coming from the carquinez bridge. when you get on the upper deck, though, things get really windy. they are saying that it's very
5:56 am
windy conditions through there. not too bad, though, heading into san francisco. now, once you get into san francisco, 101 both directions accident-free. that's the good news. here's a live look at 101 right at 3rd. traffic moving okay if you are working on that northbound side just a little extra volume there. southbound check in with no delays. of course, a great day to stay dry and use mass transit. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all problem-free. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. next half hour, coming up, a big bag of cash found on a bay area street and the guy that turned it in, what happens to the money now? between going to tell you. >> and a tornado in northern california? the damage it caused to several homes. and we have heard the forecasters warning, what is it like here on the ground? we'll check out the wind on the bay bridge as the rain starts to fall coming up. and just about a minute ago, they just re-opened one lane of southbound 880 just past davis street in san
5:57 am
leandro after caltrans crews are working to repair a clogged drain and flooded roadway. we'll have a live report with the latest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup yep! look in your bag, made you something. (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone
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how much you care. choosey moms, choose jif. storm is moving right now. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. hm, one, two, three, four -- hey, 12 straight days of rain! but you already knew that. we'll tell you where this big storm is moving right now. >> whole lot of green out there, folks. flooded roads, strong winds. and we're just getting started on this bad weather thursday. the hot spots to avoid if you are coming into work this morning. good morning, it's thursday, march 24. it's a wet one. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time coming up on 6:00. this is a very powerful storm making its way to the bay area this morning. elizabeth wenger in san leandro for us, waiting for it, anne mac


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